Today, there was an overwhelming desire to share with you some thoughts about how to make your blog or site more valuable and attractive to visitors. The article is mainly for marketers and content managers.

Make your blog more attractive

If Someone asks you about this; the answer is “Have a lot of unique content” is evident, and it is entirely reasonable. A significant amount of content attracts visitors and makes the link share with the world. But the problem is another question: ” where do you get that content ?” If you follow these tips that will present in the article, the more likely, you’ll be a successful blogger.

Use News resource

News has always attracted the attention of the visitor. Also, being the first who lit any event; you will refer to other news sources, and then simple websites and blogs.
Describe the events of others is good, but much better to create news. In this case, you will be a source of news. Tenacious headlines and sane content can work wonders. Besides, for you in the future will follow in anticipation of new sensations.

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Collect interesting data

Do you have access to such data, which will be of interest to the general public? Or maybe you have the service access to information about the market? Try to give your information is more interesting as it is possible for the visitor. Analyze and visualize data from real visitor analysis. The more successful you do, the more attention you attract and more links you will get.

Publish the wrong data or studies

Don’t have access to interesting information? Don’t worry! It is not always necessary. The network has a lot of information sources. You can borrow it (only legal), to exchange its data or, in extreme cases or buy.

Socialize your niche

The Web is now in vogue. Do not miss your chance to get a UGC (User-Generated Content – User Created Content). Not all niches are socialized, and besides, you do not need to chase popular Facebook, Digg, Reddit, and similar social networks. Mind your own business in your niche.

Be controversial

Many brands are rightly afraid of being controversial. But even from the controversy can bring some benefit. Publish on your site /blog article on the subject in demand, which describe the different points of view, even the craziest on the illuminated object. In the end, you can take one side or another. The user who sees that someone is trying to challenge his beliefs will want to convince everyone and cause a heated discussion. But this is what you need..

Observe your environment

In your niche already have a crowd of competitors? No problem. Take the position of the browser – a kind of branch of the filter. Use materials that caused the greatest resonance voice their opinions and give their reviews. The user is always easier to read all the stuff in one place. Also, you have to offer a view on the subject. Become a better observer niche!


Which of these methods is best to use? In my opinion, it is best to take a little of each. Occupy browser comfortable position when filling the niche (e.g., SEO). In this case, it would be logical also to socialize (commenting, add a forum or chat) to your project so that users can also wish your opinion. It is also entirely reasonable to publish the most controversial materials. Well, the news will also come in handy.

Thank you for your attention, good luck to all!

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