Optimize your website and improving page speed become one of the initial steps you have to take, if you want to rank your site on search engine. At the beginning of the search engine, Search engine optimization was too hard as its need to put all meta in HTML format. Nowadays content management system made it easy. Scripts like wordpress, Joomla has great tools to optimize website quickly. WordPress become number one blogging and website software since 2012. Recent statistics shows that more than 74.6 Million site is running on wordpress currently on the web; it’s increasing rapidly. Here are some tips today we share about – how you can check, improve your website speed and rank on search engine. Let’s start.

How to improve wordpress website performance?

Analyze your website

Start analysis on your site content, page speed and structure. Page speed is one of the vital issues in case of increasing popularity. A visitor couldn’t stay much longer if your website loading time is too higher than your competitor. Try to minimize your sites loading time. It’s due to many reasons, bad hosting quality, junk codes and larger image. Choosing a good wordpress hosting can help you to speed up your site. Bad server host can slow down your website anytime. These tools can help you to figure out which one cause your site slow.


Optimize your Content

Content is the most valuable assets of a website. Good quality content can reach more people and help you to rank on search engine. Write content in the readable format, evaluate readers demands and like on writings, understand the audience.Check what your competitors, what booming material are others in your industry sharing? Read this five skills which helps you to become a successful article writer.

Some useful plugin:

Improve your website’s performance and engagement, install these plugin on your site. Yoast is the world’s number one wordpress SEO plugin. Check this article to setup yoast correctly. Add Google Analytics to analyze your audience behavior, experience, scope. Cache plugin can reduce your page loading time.


Make your website Secure:

Security is a vital issue for a wordpress website. What if your site hacked and hacker change your password and admin id? Check this article to learn how you can change your password through Cpanel.  You can use this iThemes Security plugin to block some security issues of wordpress websites.


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